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Thank you for visiting Crossgrain Fabrics – I’m Melinda; passionate seamstress, Mum of Giles and Morgan and Founder of Crossgrain Fabrics.

Creativity has always run in my veins. From a child I was immersed in a creative household as my Dedo was a Tailor and Mum was always creating magic on her sewing machine, clothing myself and two brothers throughout our entire childhood. I learned to sew through keen observation; it always amazed me to see the passion in my Dedo’s eyes as he spoke of his day at work, and the pride in my Mum’s face when another item of clothing was ready to be worn. A simple piece of fabric had become a wearable garment through creativity and passion; and so I caught the sewing bug.

As a teenager so many clothes and styles caught my eye and Mum always greeted me with the same response ‘don’t buy that, I can make it for you so easily’ and my retort ‘but where will you find beautiful fabric like this?’ – we simply couldn’t.

In my 20’s and 30’s adulthood meant my crafting bug took a back seat. A career in banking, travelling and the odd party were my priorities before becoming a mother at 35 to my beautiful son, Giles. Maternity leave gave me the time to throw myself back into sewing and I haven’t looked back since.

Today my passion is to share what great fabric really means to the hobbyist and the professional sewer alike. Crossgrain is all about showcasing my vision, the great fabrics I source and enjoy using for my own projects, and sharing it with my fellow makers.

Happy Creating,

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